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  • Principal - Victoria Golding
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  • Celebrating diversity
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Welcome to Lyndale Greens PS1 Principal - Victoria Golding2 Our TV studio - LG LIVE3 Celebrating Diversity4 1:1 Lenovo 11e Computer Program5 Our App in action6 Our Uniform7 Grade 2's8 Fun in the yard9 School Frontage10 Values11 Open Learning Areas12 Sports in the Courtyard13

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Welcome to Lyndale Greens Primary School

Welcome to the Lyndale Greens Primary School web site. We have structured this site so that it easy to navigate to areas that may interest you. We trust the site provides you with a snap shot of our school and shows the many and varied exciting things that are offered at Lyndale Greens Primary School.

Lyndale Greens Primary School provides an environment in which your child will be provided with structured activities designed to stimulate, excite and foster the development of positive attitudes towards learning. The children are offered an extensive curriculum program and we encourage students to make the most of all opportunities provided.

At Lyndale Greens Primary School, we challenge children intellectually by providing a wide range of educational experiences and opportunities to extend the academic, creative, social, emotional and physical development of the children. Lyndale Greens Primary School prides itself on its family approach to education and welcomes the involvement of parents in the education of each child. Lyndale Greens Primary School is located in Dandenong, Victoria, Australia.

The ultra- modern design of the school facilities provides a quiet, secure learning environment and promotes a sense of belonging and identification with our school culture. Interactive technology in each classroom enables students to communicate readily on-line and to develop sophisticated research and visual literacy skills.

Teachers at Lyndale Greens Primary School are highly skilled in all curriculum areas. We are pleased to say that we have comprehensive Literacy, Numeracy and ICT ( Information Communication and Technology) programs.The school has a well- resourced learning technology centre. We have networked and wireless computers in every classroom and interactive whiteboards are installed in every classroom and gallery area, to further enhance our educational programs.

The school aims to foster harmonious and effective communication between all members of the school community. Collaboration and co- operation between staff, students, parents and the wider community is a feature of our school.

Lyndale Greens Primary School appreciates a high level of community satisfaction and support, with parental involvement and participation being encouraged across all aspects of our school program.

• Lyndale Greens Primary School is committed to providing a learning environment and educational programs which will motivate, challenge and support students to become lifelong learners. The school aims to maximise student potential in a safe, happy and caring community in which academic achievement, positive self-esteem, cultural diversity and the rights of all are highly valued and respected.

• At Lyndale Greens Primary School, we challenge children intellectually by providing a wide range of educational experiences and opportunities to extend their academic, creative, social, emotional and physical development. We aim for our students to have high expectations, be problem-solvers, responsible risk-takers, and to be responsible citizens who are productive and effective communicators in the 21st century.

• At Lyndale Greens Primary School the teachers cater for the needs of the whole child, inclusive of their academic, social, emotional, physical and creative development. We view learning as an active and reciprocal partnership between students, parents and staff. We provide a stimulating, curriculum that fosters student self-esteem and self-discipline, with priorities focussing upon the development of Literacy, Numeracy and ICT skills. We provide a challenging curriculum for all students to assist them in striving to achieve their personal best. We cater for individual abilities, talents and learning styles. The school community continues to embrace the use of information technology to challenge and enrich our students.

• The ability to bounce back from hardships.
• Resolve conflict in a constructive and peaceful way.
• Having a red-hot-go.
• The ability to become strong and successful again after something bad happens.

• Striving to achieve your best.
• Motivated to have a go and keep trying.
• Enthusiasm to continually improve.
• Showing pride by recognising and celebrating personal, school and community goals and achievements.

• Respecting and accepting others in the classroom and in the playground.
• We include others and show that we understand and celebrate everyone’s differences.
• Care about other people and treat them well.
• Tolerant of others, their differences, cultures and beliefs.

• Collaboration and effective communication between staff, parents and students
• Working together to achieve our goals.
• Team work, being a team player and share the load.
• Keep a safe and happy environment.

• All students and staff are happy to come to school.
• All students and staff are happy with what you’ve achieved.
• Strive to have a healthy body and healthy mind.
• Eat healthy food and continue to be active.

At Lyndale Greens Primary School we aim to:
• Foster a healthy school culture in which high levels of achievement take place within a positive social environment
• To provide students with a safe learning environment
• To maximize student learning opportunities through engagement
• To provide opportunities for students/parent participation and student/parent voice
• To build a school environment based on positive behaviours and values

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