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At Lyndale Greens Primary School, our students are at the forefront of using digital technologies, and have access to a range of ICT resources to enhance their learning including:

  • Mobile devices such iPads, iPad Minis digital cameras, flip cameras, and iPod Touch's to engage and enhance their learning.
  • High-end notebooks and desktop computers and Interactive Whiteboards in every classroom.
  • Our LG Live CCTV studio and network for school-wide communication and enhancing students’ ability to present their work and ideas in innovative ways, building confidence, organisational and technical skills and public speaking ability.
  • Media Suite of Apple iMacs and MacBooks for music/audio/video/media production.
  • Students develop computer skills to enable them to fully utilise the computers in their classrooms. Students use online programs such as Mathletics, and also create and communicate with programs such as Word, PowerPoint, iMovie, Garageband, Kahootz and Excel.
  • They also develop skills with graphics and web design. Digital cameras and scanners are available for the development of digital stories and other projects.
  • Students also use technologies including our media studio which provides unique opportunities for students to create, edit and publish their own movies.

Science & Technology

  • Students explore the fields of Biological, Chemical, Earth and Space and Physical Science. The students learn to observe, investigate, analyse, reason, question and seek solutions.
  • Students are also provided with opportunities to participate in extra- curricular activities such as Science Talent Search, Science Drama and Tournament of the Minds.

Performing Arts / Visual Arts

  • In Performing Arts students develop skills in creative expression, performance and musical appreciation.
  • To celebrate their achievements students perform in front of an audience at our whole school concert providing them with a wonderful and exciting learning opportunity.
  • Students develop skills in drawing, painting, construction and art appreciation.

  • Our Library is a bright and welcoming part of our school, where our students enjoy and develop their love of reading. It was reopened in 2013 and is continuing develop.
  • The aim is to motivate students to read for pleasure and relaxation as well as providing opportunities for them to learn. They further develop their general knowledge, complete author studies and research tasks.
  • Over the past few years the students have enjoyed reading and browsing through a wide range of fiction and non-fiction books they have been exposed to a whole new world.

Sport and Physical Education

  • Physical Education develops skills in movement and co-ordination and promotes healthy behaviours and lifestyles.
  • High-end notebooks and desktop computers and Interactive Whiteboards in every classroom.
  • Swimming is also offered to all students Prep-6
  • Students participate in Athletics activities, Cross-country and Inter-House Sports.
  • Students are also offered the opportunity to participate in a swimming program.

EAL (English as an Additional Language)

At Lyndale Greens Primary School we have a comprehensive EAL program with specialist teachers dedicated to EAL students and their specific learning needs. We also provide a number of programs to support students learning English as well as targeted programs and a range of resources for teachers and parents.

Multicultural Aides

We employ 2 Multicultural education aides (MEAs) which provide an invaluable service to our schools. Our MEAs assist with:

  • Effective communication between students and teachers in the classroom
  • Integrating EAL learners into school activities by helping them to understand school expectations and goals
  • Assisting teachers to understand the home cultures and the expectations families have of the school and of education in general
  • Assisting newly arrived families in their settlement into the new educational community.