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LGPS Skoolbag App

Changes to the SkoolBag app

SkoolBag is in the process of upgrading your school's mobile app to give you greater control over the notifications you receive and the content which is shown to you.

This process is managed by the school and you do not need to upgrade your app. However, when your school instigates the upgrade, you will notice some changes in the app.

The details of these can be found below.

User Registration

You will be prompted to register with a username and password. This will enable users to save their Group Subscription settings across devices.

You will be sent an email address to verify your account, however this will not be prevent you logging into the app. These details will be saved to allow for quick access in the future.

Your account details allow you to log into the SkoolBag app on different devices and see the same groups and subscription settings. After logging in, you will be prompted to subscribe to groups.

If you have any issues when registering, please refer to this article.

You'll see these registration screens after your school upgrades:


Once you login, you will be able to personalise your group and notification preferences. All recent, unseen notifications can be found by clicking the bell icon in the top right corner of the app.


Notices sent to the whole school will still appear in the 'Home' section. However, information published to Content Groups will appear in the Groups Tab. You can modify your Group Subscriptions at any time.

Keep up to date with latest events, newsletters, notifications and other information related to our school.

Below are instructions on how to download our app to your device.