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Message from Principal Victoria Golding

On behalf of the Lyndale Greens Primary School school community, I would like to extend a warm welcome to you and your family.

Lyndale Greens Primary School has an ongoing commitment to the achieve excellence and maintaining the environment where learning is valued and supported by all. A relevant education needs to respond to changing times. All our actions and activities at Lyndale Greens Primary School Primary School are driven by a commitment to providing our students with the best education possible.

We provide opportunities for student centred learning, where student’s curiosity and passions are nurtured so they are motivated to learn. We aim for our students to be problem-solvers, responsible risk-takers, and future global citizens who are productive and effective communicators in the 21st century.

As well as encouraging our students to develop academic skills, we also aim to nurture the development of good citizenship. We teach our students to show respect for themselves, other people and the school as a whole.

As educators we believe that every learner has the ability to be successful. Within the school environment, we aim to maximise the child’s opportunities to succeed through adapting our teaching to the individual needs of the student. We believe that every child is unique and brings with them, their own personal stories and experiences. We recognise that all students are different; they develop and learn at different rates. Together, with parents and the wider community, we endeavour to create lifelong learners, who are creative, resilient, deep thinkers, numerate, literate, proficient and responsible digital citizens. We assist each individual in the acquisition of core social values, such as honesty, respect and integrity.

Our ultra -modern buildings provide a learning environment that is positive, supportive, stimulating, harmonious and productive. It promotes independence, interdependence and self-motivation. Our student’s needs, backgrounds and interests are reflected in the learning programs. We have high expectations for all. We share a mutual understanding in our team approach to children’s learning and teaching, to create consistency and deep learning across the school. Our students are challenged and supported to develop deep levels of thinking. High priority is given to the teaching and learning of Literacy and Numeracy. This is reflected in the explicit teaching by all staff, where learning is both purposeful and enduring.

We know that a child's education is greatly enhanced by the participation and support of parents. We encourage parents' involvement in our school. They may choose to help in the classroom, on camps and excursions, become a member of the “Friends of at Lyndale Greens Primary School” or to serve on School Council. Parental involvement is valued and parents are encouraged to participate in all facets of school life by sharing their own particular skills and expertise.

As you become acquainted with our school community you will become aware that one of our greatest assets is our cultural diversity. We promote a caring, trusting educational environment that builds self-esteem and reinforces students' feelings of safety, confidence and belief and respect for others.

The children are guided by caring teachers who are committed to a philosophy of developing a love of learning in all children. Dedicated to professional growth through ongoing professional development, our staff has high expectations of themselves and work collaboratively in teams to develop sound curriculum programs. We strive to accommodate the individual needs of students with tailored programs especially for those students requiring extra assistance or specific extension. We are proud of our special programs and wonderful facilities.

A school only exists to meet the aspirations, needs and education of our children. It is therefore with delight and anticipation that I welcome you to the warm and friendly community of Lyndale Greens Primary School.

As Principal, my door is always open to parents wishing to discuss their child's progress, or anything related to the school.

Victoria Golding